A Long Weekend in Philadelphia

So. It's the middle of winter. Winter has come. I take a couple of days off of work to go on a vacation to where else but historic, scenic and absolutely frigid Philadelphia, PA.

The lady was on a job hunt out east, so I tagged along. Sure, I was on a plane during the Superbowl (live Twitter feed was either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it). At least I was staying too far from Punxsutawney to really lament missing Groundhog Day. But one thing that stood out to me about Philadelphia as a Seattleite is just how friendly everyone really is, although the slogan "City of Brotherly Love" does not apply to the honking of one's horn in moments of dubious need.

Anywho. Had a great weekend of food, East Coast craft brews, and great company in a city with some serious history. Makes me want to go exploring a little more often.

As before, larger versions visible on my Flickr page.

Techie nerd alert - everything shot on a Fuji X100, bought used with a janky screen. Perfect travel camera, although I never had less than two batteries on me at once. Shot RAW+JPEG, though as the rest of the internet has recited time and time again, rarely needed RAWs. Most of these are just OOC japegs with minor levels adjustments.