Photograph courtesy  Jordan Stead

Photograph courtesy Jordan Stead

I'm Carey and I spend a lot of time taking photos and making videos. I've also composed scores for short video projects, and occasionally, design for print. I'm currently the Reviews Editor at Digital Photography Review (DPReview.com). I can't imagine life without motorcycles or music, I regularly utilize Star Trek memes as a means for meaningful communication, and own both horse and unicorn masks. Just in case.

I'm a graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in Visual Journalism, and in addition to regular freelance work, spent four years at Puget Sound Energy as their "Multimedia Specialist." That basically means any kind of photography you can think of (from corporate events and headshots to editorial and advertising content), tons of short video work, and occasional wrangling with audio / visual equipment. DPReview has been a natural step forward, introducing writing back into my daily life, as well as continuing to build my photographic and video production skills. Lately, I've been working on making sure DPReview's review content is accurate, valuable, relevant and accessible, whether you're looking for a new tripod or a top-of-the-line camera. I'm looking forward to beginning a master's program at the University of Washington in the Fall of 2018 for Communications in Communities and Networks.

My work has been published in The Western FrontKlipsun Magazine, Seattle PI, The Rotarian, Bellevue ReporterPuget Sound Business Journal, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Seattle Met, and of course, DPReview. I won first place in general news photography for the 2010 Society of Professional Journalists' Mark of Excellence Awards, and was Outstanding Graduate for the field of journalism from Western Washington University in 2011. I was also an instrumental member of the team that won a Totem Award from PRSA Puget Sound for crisis communications in 2013.

In case you haven't guessed from my portfolios, I love to travel, particularly when it involves photography. There's nothing quite like venturing off to an unknown new place for a complete creative recharge.

I can be reached at: